Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 25-8-13

Yesterday was a weird old day food wise.  Contrary to my planning, I decided to finish off the Chinese through the day and did, with the result that I wanted very little else all day.  Now, it wasn't a huge amount so I can only think I'm still feeling the effects of a week's self indulgence.  it wasn't until late evening that I fancied something to eat so I opened a small can of mandarins in juice and polished that all off in next to no time.
I'm hungry now but it's a good hungry!

Breakfast:  beans on toast
Dinner:  vegetable lasagna with runner beans.  Fresh fruit.
Tea:  Probably a salad of some kind.  I have to start eating the salad leaves from the garden and the radishes also need pulling.

More water!  Lots more water.

I'll post the lasagna recipe later, if it's OK.  It won't be anything special though!

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