Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Recipe: Courgette fritters: Cheaper than chips

As expected, I was spoilt for choice when looking for recipes.  Finally I downloaded three.  One was a very basic (useful for doing your own thing) recipe, one was spicy and one was herby.  Decisions, decisions.

In the end I used half a fairly reasonable sized courgette, grated; one egg; some chives and parsley, chopped (garden); about 20g grated not-parmesan; 40g plain flour and some salt and pepper and fried them in a little olive oil.  I guess you could say they were Italian-ish style and they were really scrummy.
Just put all the other ingredients but the flour in a bowl and mix well, then add the flour and mix again until everything is combined.
It made eight fritters so that came to about 5p per fritter.  I ate four with my dinner, then nicked another one afterwards.  I wonder if the other three would freeze?

And I forgot to take a photo!  Sorry.

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