Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Holiday Menu: 20-8-13

My day today

Breakfast:  Whatever people want.  There's a choice of porridge, eggs (done various ways), toast, fruit, beans.
Lunch:  ham, cheg, salad, fruit and yoghurt
Dinner:  Mixed grill ( bacon, sausage, drumstick, burger and, for Beth, falafels and quorn sausages) with wedges, mushrooms, green beans.  Dessert is crackers and biscuits or maybe a fruit salad.

With a bit of help, Alex's meals yesterday were absolutely delicious.  He forgot to get the prawns out of the  freezer so Beth sauteed them in a little butter and they were scrummy warm on top of a mixed salad.  I shall be doing that at home.


  1. That is exactly what we had for lunch but the salad dressing was a spoonful of tahini let down with lemon juice and zest and some olive oil. Very tasty.