Friday, 30 August 2013

Menu: 30-8-13

I think I have to give up on the frugality for a few days.
Yesterday evening's meal with three lovely people was great fun and we all had small plate meals which was nice, even though I then spoilt my comparative frugality with a large class of dry white (I wasn't driving!)
But today I am meeting Beth and Alex for lunch in the local pub and tomorrow evening it's back to the Hare with two other lovely friends (and Beth and Alex are lovely too, I hasten to add).

So I must do my best when I can, but . . .
Here we go . . .
Breakfast:  Something eggy as I have some to use up and I'm collecting next week's eggs this afternoon.  I think I feel a batch of lemon curd coming on too!
Lunch:  Eeeeeeek
Dinner:  I'm going to try a very simple recipe that I found.  It looks lavish but is very frugal given the tomatoes will be home grown rather than a punnet of expensive Heirloom tomatoes.  It's pappardelle with slow cooked tomatoes, parmesan and basil, except that I will sustitute the basil for parsley because I don't like basil, philistine that I am and I shall roast some garlic with the tomatoes because yum; possibly some onions too!  I shall make the pappardelle, of course.
I'll let you know!

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