Friday, 9 August 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 9-8-13

Firstly, an update on yesterday.
We had the allotment picnic and it was:
egg sarnies made with home made bread
crisps (on special)
cucumber (from Beth's garden)
melon slices
citrus yoghurt (every bit home made)
flapjack cookies (made that morning)
diet cola and orange juice.
 . . . and we ate every single scrap.  Delicious
Not like this though - this is borrowed from Google Search!

For dinner I had intended to have Jack-burgers but I couldn't find them (drat my overcrowded freezer) so I took out two of the pork, apple and sage burgers I made a while ago.  I also grabbed one of the rolls I made last Sunday.  Out in the garden I picked some living lettuce leaves and some tomatoes and pulled a few radish thinnings.  To those I added cucumber (from Beth's garden) and courgette (from Beth's allotment!) and chopped up a carrot (from Morrisons!!!)
I dry-fried the burgers and had them each on half a roll with mayo, lettuce and green tomato chutney (home made last year) with some coleslaw left over from the other day and the side salad with a (home made) dressing drizzled over.  It was a delicious meal.

A fantastic and frugal day's eating

Today's food:
Breakfast:  Porridge with yoghurt and dried cranberries
Lunch:  not sure - may be out but not eating out.  If I do it will be something eggy.
Dinner:  It's got to be something with pasta because I want to try out my new gadget,  I will probably make something with a tomato based sauce and lots of veg.  Or I might try a recipe for courgettes a friend described in our facebook group.  Long slow sauteing with onion, garlic and herbs.  Maybe . . .

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