Friday, 9 August 2013

Recipe: cheesy courgette biscuits: a work in progress

I found this recipe while searching through the Internet for courgette based stuff.  I thought it looked easy so had a go.

It was interesting!

First of all, it doesn't specify how much courgette to use - 'half' is pretty vague and could describe vastly differing amounts.  And courgette is wet!
I doubled the cheese as 15g doesn't sound very much.  I'm glad I did!
I had to add extra flour as the dough was unworkable without the extra.

OK, so given those changes, I had a go.  The baking was the interesting part.  After the specified time they were still soggy (probably from the courgette) so I turned the heat down and gave them longer.  After that had cooled on the rack I felt that they were still soft in the middle and I wanted crunchy so back they went on the baking sheet and back into the oven where I gave them more time on a lower setting and then allowed them to cool in the oven with the oven door open.  That seemed to do the trick and they have remained crunchy although just this side of 'catching'.

They taste very, very nice, especially with a little sea salt sprinkled over the top; the courgette gives them a hint of savoury sweetness.  I will make them again with the increased amount of cheese, a little less courgette and I will use butter instead of marg, for the flavour.  I might add some pepper, some snipped chives or dried herbs and possibly a very little garlic puree, just a hint.  I will also roll them out a lot thinner so as to crisp them up faster.  Finally, I will cool them off in the oven with the door open again.

So it's a work in progress but one that is worth the work, I think.  The recipe makes loads and one could quite comfortably make half quantities, especially if rolled out very thin.  Having said that, there don't seem to be many left in the container.  How strange!

I didn't cost it out but will do when I re-make it.


  1. Have you thought of beginning as for cucumber in tzatziki? Remove some of the fluid by covering the grated courgettes and leaving them salted for a while? Jx

  2. Yes, I could do that, couldn't I? It would intensify the flavour. Thanks.
    J x