Saturday, 17 August 2013

Holiday menu: 17-8-13

So here we are on the first full day of our holiday.   Breakfast is all set up and ready for the less wakeful members of the party!

Here's the basic plan - not cheaper than chips though, you will have to bear with me on this one for the next six days.
Breakfast:  boiled eggs and toasty soldiers.  The eggs are from my friend and the bread is home made.  Then there's jams (home made, marmalade (a present) and Marmite (a non-negotiable ever-present yum)
Lunch:  a bit of a scrappy affair as we go shopping this afternoon.  Bread and butter, cheese, cold meat (what's left from the pizza), cheese and melon slices.
Dinner:  Sausages in some kind of sticky sauce with courgettes (from the allotment) and wedges (not from the allotment) followed by don't know what yet, possibly crackers and cheese.

We always have a plan on holiday and that is that we take it in turns to do the meals.  Yesterday it was Alex, today it's me, tomorrow Beth.  The first person up sorts out breakfast so that would be me then, but it's no hassle.  Breakfast is easy.

I will be continuing to make bread - Thermione has come with us and has already been put to work making the pizza dough yesterday.  At the moment she is all set up for boiling six eggs.  I'm glad we brought her with us.
Here she is, looking for all the world as if she has always been here.

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