Monday, 26 August 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 26-8-13

Breakfast:  Bacon. Cheese and onion drop scones (a Jack recipe - I'll let you know).
Lunch:  Tuna salad open sandwich with a side salad.  Yoghurt and pineapple.
Dinner:  Tomato and veg mixture left over from yesterday, plus the remains of the cheese sauce.  I think I will pop the mixture into an individual dish, spread over the cheese sauce and then top with either mash (instant, sorry!) or a savoury crumble topping (without cheese) and then heat up/bake in Handy Andy.  I am spoilt for choice where vegetables are concerned but will probably have runner beans (yesterday's were divine!) and some broccoli from Beth's garden or allotment (not sure which)

I'm spoilt for choice where veg is concerned.  Yesterday Beth brought round some black beans, a big head of broccoli, a cucumber and two courgettes.  From my garden I have quite a lot of herbs, salad leaves, radishes, tomatoes and runner beans, all of which are doing well.  It does make it a lot easier to be frugal!

I've stopped working out every penny.  What I am doing is being very frugal and careful at the point of purchase and making sure that the cost is displayed in some way on the product packaging or storage box.  When I make something new or want to know the exact cost, the info is there.  And I have worked out all the probable meals for the week, although, as circumstances can change, they are not tablets of stone.
This has worked very well over the summer holiday.  Next week it will be both easier and harder.  Easier because I will be back at school and ruled by a timetable - impulse cooking and eating will be up the chimney from Monday to Friday.  Harder because there is so little time to cook and even less time to be creative.  Organisation rather than free-flow becomes the name of the game.  This holiday has been good though!

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