Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 27-8-13

Despite having it all planned, I keep changing my mind!  I was going to have poached egg on a crumpet this morning until I remembered that big bowl of ripe tomatoes on the window ledge, for example.  Ah, well, that's half the fun.

Breakfast:  bacon and tomato
Lunch (probably in school):  soup, roll and butter, yoghurt and pineapple
Dinner:  chicken breast in some sort of sauce (the chicken I bought when I was at my parents' home and I can't remember what the sauce was - lemon had something to do with it, I think), courgette fritter, black beans, runner beans, followed by cheats cherry ice cream.

Lots of home made/grown here.  That makes it nice and frugal!  Even the chicken works because it was a gift!
Now to hunt for a fritter recipe - that really shouldn't take too long, should it?  :-)

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