Wednesday, 14 August 2013

cheaper than chips menu: 14-8-13

Breakfast:  Bacon and egg
Lunch:  Angel hair pasta with fried tomatoes
Dinner: roast beef, etc.

This evening is a birthday meal for a friend, hence the splash out!

The ravioli went OK yesterday.  I made and rolled and used a fluted circular biscuit cutter whish made just the right shape!  It must have been beginner's luck but when I sealed them I started round one size and just worked my way round, squeezing a titchy bit of filling out before sealing the last little bit, just to get rid of as much air inside as possible and it worked a treat!
In the end the filling was tuna and soft cheese with some garlic puree, chilli puree and pepper and it was jolly tasty.  I just melted a little butter and sprinkled over some not-parmesan for topping.  I have dough left over so will make angel hair pasta and have it with a simple tomato sauce for lunch.

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