Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Quick and easy poached egg

I've never done this before but I always will from now on.  I absolutely agree with those of you who say that the best poached eggs are those swirled in a little salted water, etc, etc, but it isn't quick and it is far from easy (I think)!  This way is different but very nice all the same.

So, this is what you do.

Very lightly oil or butter a teacup (one suitable for the microwave).
Crack the egg into the cup.
Pierce the egg yolk (essential to prevent explosions).
Cover the cup with cling film and pierce that too.
Cook in the microwave for between 30 and 40 seconds*.

It is best to wait until your toast has popped up before starting to cook the egg.  There's just enough time to butter the toast and get a plate to put it on before the egg is done.  It's that fast.

*The original idea (I found it in a thread on a closed Facebook group so can't give the link, sorry) said 30 seconds, someone else said they needed 40 seconds, I find 35 seconds is perfect for my current microwave!  I have no idea how long to do two.

The outcome is very nostalgic for me.  Because my teacups have rounded bottoms, what comes out looks very similar to the poached eggs my mum used to make in her old poacher.

It looked very like this but had four poachers, not two.

This is going to be a breakfast regular from now on!

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