Thursday, 4 February 2016

Jack Monroe's mushroom rogan josh

Here's the recipe:

And this is what I did and will do next time because, yes, there will be a next time . . .

I added some peas because I had them leftover and they needed using and I made half amounts because of the peas and because I didn't want more than one portion to freeze (because I am trying to use up freezer stuff, not add to it!)
I used coconut milk and added it to the tomato while simmering.

Next time I will up the spices a bit.
I will have replaced my chilli powder which is horrendously old and I think the flavour has gone walkabout!
I will crush the cardomom seeds in my pestle and mortar - they got a bit stuck between my teeth!
I will use more coconut milk.  I love coconut milk.
I will add other veg - definitely red/yellow peppers for a start.  Spinach at the end would be great too.

It was so easy, so tasty, such a great idea, easy to halve and very adaptable.  My idea of a good recipe.

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