Friday, 5 February 2016

Cooking for one: a pot of deliciousness (aka lemon curd)

Ages ago I shared my recipe (well, my mum's really) for microwave lemon curd.

Today I wanted to make some but just a small amount, one small pot, as I had one lemon and an egg to use up.

So I looked around, dug up the old recipe, did some calculations and here we go . . .

One pot of lemon curd
75g sugar
1 lemon and enough bottled lemon juice to make 75 mls
1 egg (large is best, if you have medium, reduce the sugar and the juice by about 10 (g or ml))
35g unsalted butter (if I don't have unsalted, I use the ordinary kind and it is absolutely fine!)

Sterilise your jar and warm it up (I pour in boiling water and leave it while the curd is making, then tip out the water and dry with a clean cloth)

Grate off the lemon zest, then squeeze out the juice and add bottle lemon juice to make it up to 75 mls (or you could use lime juice for a citrus mix)

Cube the butter.

In a microwaveable bowl place all the ingredients (sugar, lemon juice and zest, egg and butter) and give it all a bit of a whisk to mix the egg, juice and sugar.

Microwave on around 600 to 700 for one minute.  Stir well.
Then continue to microwave for thirty seconds at a time, stirring or whisking well in between.
When it starts to thicken (you can tell!), reduce it to about 15 seconds before stirring.
When the mixture has thickened, it is done.   There should be no lumps and it won't split unless you let it boil.  If you're worried, pass it through a sieve before jarring.
It will appear quite runny still (it pours easily) but will become more solid as it cools.

Pour into the clean, warm jar and seal immediately.

Use on toast, read, mixed into natural yogurt (a fave of mine) in jam tarts, as a filling for a cake . . .

Keep in fridge and use within three weeks which, frankly, is not difficult!

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