Saturday, 20 February 2016

Jardaloo boti (lamb with apricots)

This is a recipe from my latest indulgence, 50 Great Curries of India by Camellia Panjabi.  I made it yesterday and it was straightforward for even me, a beginner in curry cooking.

Fortunately, I found a link to the recipe as I wasn't sure about reproducing it here.
Here it is!.

I made half quantities using some very reasonable stewing lamb from Aldi.  I left the fat on for flavour but cut off what remained before serving.  Much just melted down into the sauce which had a real depth of flavour.  I didn't have cinnamon sticks so I used powdered instead and I used ordinary dried apricots from Sainsburys.

It was aromatic, both mildly sweet and mildly sour, not too hot because I adjusted the chilli to what I felt I could cope with and, as mentioned above, there was a great depth of flavour that lingered in the mouth.  The lamb was so tender it was almost melt in the mouth.

My half quantities made two portions but with lots of meat.  Next time I will also make a veg dish, something dahl-y, maybe, to go with it and then it should last for more meals.  I made flatbreads instead of rice and it was perfect, requiring just fork and fingers (and a napkin!).

Well worth making again at some point in the near future.

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