Saturday, 20 February 2016

Boiling a ham the Thermione way

There's no magic about this one, I just did it using my Thermomix, it worked a treat so I am sharing.

I had a small gammon joint (from Aldi, of course, where else) that fitted nicely into the basket.
I popped a few bay leaves into the bowl, put in the basket with the gammon in, added enough boiling water to just show at the bottom of the basket and then cooked it on 100, slow reverse speed (because I didn't want to chop up the bay leaf) for an hour, adding a bit of water to replace the evaporation half way through.

Not only was the ham absolutely delicious, the stock wasn't too salty and was perfectly flavoured to make a bean and veg soup.

I might try other aromatics next time - perhaps a star anise or some juniper berries.

I love my Thermione!
Thank you, Google!


  1. I was well pleased. You couldn't do it with a bigger one - not enough room in the basket, but this one fitted perfectly!
    J x

  2. Just been to Aldi and they had a version of Thermionie but I really have no room for one!

  3. Nowhere near as good, really not the same at all. Mind you, given the difference in price, it couldn't be. :-)
    J x