Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Cooking for one: Jack Monroe's barley pancakes

I read this recipe while I was backtracking through the Live Below The Line section of Jack's blog.  I don't remember seeing it last year but I must have at some point.

I made them this morning and had them with pineapple, yogurt and a dash of maple syrup.  Absolutely delicious!  I did what Jack advised and ground some pearl barley to make the flour.  Like Jack, I now have a little pot of barley bits and I shall add them to my lunchtime soup or to today's bread dough.

I also have a big bag of pearl barley to use up!

Barley pancakes 
Makes 4 small pancakes, just enough for one!

20g barley flour (pearl barley, ground in blender and sifted)
20g natural yoghurt
1 egg

Make the barley flour by pulsing pearl barley in a blender or clean coffee grinder until it becomes flour. Put through a sieve. Blend any broken bits again and re-sieve.
Keep any tiny bits left to add you a soup, bread dough,etc. Don’t waste them!

Combine 2 rounded tbsp. (20g) of flour with the egg and half of the yoghurt to form your batter.
Heat a non-stick pan (I brushed mine with a little oil to protect it) and dollop the mixture on a tablespoon at a time. Cook for 2minutes each side, then remove and serve with more yoghurt and whatever fruit you fancy.


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