Saturday, 20 July 2013

Recipe: summer chicken salad

I made this today, just eaten it for lunch and it was so delicious I'm sharing it.

Summer chicken salad
Ingredients:  (for one)
1 chicken thigh, bone in.
1tsp maple syrup
1 tsp lemon juice
1tsp grain mustard
1 tsp smooth cranberry sauce (I have some home made sauce left from Christmas.  You could use shop bought or something like marmalade.  It would taste different but still good)
a squidge of garlic puree

Method part 1
Mix the marinade ingredients together.  Remove the skin from the thigh.  Place the thigh in a non metallic bowl and cover with the marinade.  Rub it over a bit, place the chicken upside down so it's lying in the marinade, cover and leave for a couple of hours.

Place the chicken on some foil and spoon over the marinade.  Wrap it up in the foil, making sure there are no leaks.  I cooked the chicken for 20 mins at 180 in my halogen oven so I guess it would be more or less the same in a standard oven with extra time for heating up.

When the chicken is cooked, unwrap the foil, shred the chicken from the bone, mix it with the marinade left in the foil and leave to cool a bit.

For the salad:
Salad leaves
A bit of cucumber
A bit of courgette, peeled
2 tomatoes, quartered
half a stick of celery
some cooked broad beans, skinned
a new potato, medium sized, cooked
a small carrot, peeled
some mayo

Method, part 2
In a bowl place the salad leaves, the cucumber and courgette sliced to preferred size, the tomatoes, the celery, sliced, the broad beans, the potato cut into chunks and the carrot, also sliced into small chunks.
Add the mayo and gently toss, then arrange in a bowl or on a plate (I like salad in a bowl).  Over the top spread the shredded chicken and marinade.


I didn't add any salt or pepper but you could.  It was good without added salt apart from the salt that was in the mayo..

Now, I have to confess the following:
The leaves were from my living lettuces
The courgette was from Beth's garden/allotment, as were the beans and the potato.
The mayo was home made, using the Bamix method (takes about one minute max!
However, the chicken was bog standard stuff, not corn fed or whatever, as were the other ingredients

It's not super economical, but on the other hand it wasn't terribly expensive either.  And so delicious


  1. Sounds great and it is just what we will be having for lunch today minus the any oil sugar or carbs. Drat the diet but it is working so no complaints really

  2. It was nice but shame about the lack of marinade for you! I'm glad it's working though!
    J x