Sunday, 7 July 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 7-6-13

Today's plans are:
Breakfast: porridge with banana and yoghurt
Dinner:  Jack's chickpea and apricot curry (with a few added veg) and rice, fruit salad made with some pineapple, some strawberries and the left over apricots from the curry recipe.With yoghurt!
Tea:  boiled eggs and toasty soldiers, banana bread, satsuma
Snack: none
Drinks: decaf, herbal tea (probably mint from the garden, water

If I stick with this, it should add up to around £1.30.  Not bad for a delicious day's eating!

Diane commented that I seem to have endless supplies of pineapple and yoghurt.
The truth is, I got rather fond of Morrison's value tinned pineapple while I was doing Live Blow The Line.  I can split a tin into four portions and, at 5p a portion, it makes a good way of getting my F&V.
As for the yoghurt, I have a yoghurt maker that I can totally recommend - if you like yoghurt, it will certainly earn its shelf space.  I make a litre batch for 60p (value/basic long life milk, a spoonful of the previous batch as a starter and two spoonfuls of dried skimmed milk powder which makes it go all creamy and thick) and I get through it in around ten days or so.  Apart from the bit in my porridge, that's the only way I'm having milk at the moment so I'm quite happy to eat loads of the wonderful stuff.
And anyway, a portion of pineapple with 30mls yoghurt on the top makes a great dessert without being either expensive or calorific.  Win/win all the way!

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