Monday, 1 July 2013

Cheaper than Chips menu: 1-7-13

Today's frugal food plans:
Breakfast:  porridge with yoghurt and banana
Lunch:  egg salad, piece of fruit
Dinner:  carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers (aka Jack burgers), salad and coleslaw

Drinks:  coffee, mint tea, water
Snack:  playtime fruit

Yesterday Beth brought round some apple mint roots to plant.  They're now in a pot due for some TLC as, finally, are the tomatoes.  Already there's some little fruits, despite the cold weather, and I am hoping against hope that this year the dreaded blight will keep away.  I'm armed and ready though, with Bordeaux solution and sprayer.  Given the price in the shops, tomatoes have to be the ultimate in frugality when things go well, despite the need for weekly feeding and occasional spraying.  The last couple of years have been a disaster though so I'm mentally crossing my fingers and hoping!

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