Saturday, 6 July 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 6-7-13

I'm off shopping this morning but there's very little food on the list and I want to do another week of  living off what I have stored away.  I do need to get some fresh stuff in though.

Today's food is:
Breakfast:  bacon and tomatoes
Lunch:  cheg and salad, pineapple and yoghurt
Dinner:  pasta bolognaise with a side salad, strawberries and yoghurt

I'm trying for no snacks and drinks will be decaf, mint tea and/or water


  1. Hello Joy, I have just cleaned out my food cupboard. Embarrassed by how much I have had to throw away. New leaf. Will try very hard not to do it again. (That sounds as if I just won't clean out the cupboard). I meant not throw stuff. I need to plan.
    Elizabeth (from Oz)

  2. Hi, Elizabeth
    LOL - I did understand what you meant. It can be a humbling experience, can't it? Better in the bin than clogging up the shelves though!
    J x

  3. Joy you seem to have and endless supply of pineapple and yoghurt!!!!!

  4. The pineapple is tinned and I divide it into four or five portions. The yoghurt is home made and I make a litre at a time. I hardly ever have milk and not much cheese either so I do have quite a lot of natural yoghurt. I love it!