Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 24-7-13

The 'Italian type' pasty thing worked very well.  The only problem was that I rolled it too thin so it went a but funny along the 'fold' where the filling was pushing.  But jolly good and I will do it again.  The filling was some savoury mince (from the freezer) enriched by the remains of the pizza sauce from Sunday.  I meant to add a bit of grated cheese but I forgot until the edges had been sealed!

Today's food plan:
Breakfast:  porridge with banana and yoghurt
Lunch: something small-ish from the freezer
Dinner:  steamed or baked salmon with lemon, salad, couscous

I pushed the boat out yesterday and bought some salmon.  Just a little fillet but goodness, it's expensive and will break the bank on its own but tough.  I haven't had salmon for ages and I love the stuff.  Every now and again Morrisons has sides of salmon on special that can be extremely good value.  The trouble is you have to be there to see it and I'm trying not to be 'there' all that often.

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