Monday, 8 July 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 8-7-13

Breakfast:  Porridge with banana and yoghurt
Lunch:  chickpea and apricot curry with rice (leftovers), fruit salad (also leftovers), yoghurt
Tea:  pork, sage and apple burger (2) with salad, coleslaw and potato salad, pineapple and yoghurt
Snack: playtime fruit
Drinks: decaf, herbal tea (probably mint), loadsa water.

Jack's curry was a success although I did tweak it a bit (when do I not?).  The chilli I bought was so mild as to be virtually not heat producing, unfortunately, but I didn't know that until almost at the end when I tasted.  I looked at what I had and decided to add a spoonful of tikka masala paste and some tomato puree to give it more depth and I also added some chopped mushrooms as they needed using up.  And when it had finished on the hob I popped it into the oven on a lowish heat to give the flavours some long slow encouragement.  It seemed to work.  And there was plenty.  It fed me, Beth and Alex (who had seconds) plus my son who turned up and became an extra guest and there was enough left over to make two lunches, one today and one in the freezer for later on in the week.  Now that's definitely frugal!

Now I am looking forward to some decent chillis from the plant I bought on Saturday.  Fingers crossed!

And finally, to my delight, when Beth and Al came over, they were bearing gifts - some rhubarb for the jam we are going to make and, great delight, a bowl of freshly dug new potatoes.  Fantastic!

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