Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 2-7-13 - ooops!

Breakfast:  Banana porridge with yoghurt.  Good
Lunch: Out at SENCo conference.  Free lunch.  Very good!
Dinner:  Here's the ooops part.  Out to the Hare with friends for a meal.  Good and ooops too.  That's the week's money saved from having a freezer and store cupboard week blown in a couple of hours.  Ah well . .  I am thankful that I can!
Borrowed from Google
Drinks::  Probably endless coffee and they'd better have decaf!  Water.  Maybe fruit tea if there's any at the conference.  I'm driving this evening so I'm off the alcohol but I'd not have any anyway!  Not at the moment.

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