Friday, 5 July 2013

Cheaper than chips menu: 5-7-13

First of all, the Moroccan pork mince recipe was really, really tasty.  I will definitely be doing it again, even if I can't find bargain pork mince.  I had it with rice left over from the previous day so it really was just a case of heating up and mmmmmmmmm.

Also mmmm was this.  I got home from school after Infants sports day yesterday feeling tired, achey and very, very thirsty.  After a bit of thought, I made some mint tea and it was just about the most refreshing thing ever.  I downed three cups full of it (made in a teapot) and it was so good.

Today's menu plan for the last day for this No Spend Week is:
Breakfast:  baked beans on toast
Lunch:  egg salad (hard boiled egg, leaves, tomato, celery, cucumber, coleslaw), pineapple and yoghurt.
Dinner:  Savoury mince with pasta and broccoli
Snack:  playtime fruit
Drinks: mint tea, coffee, water

I haven't posted costings this week as it's really not been possible what with using up old stuff that wasn't priced, but I have kept tabs on the things I could keep tabs on and each day has come to less than £1.00 except for Tuesday when I went out for a meal.  I'm pleased with that!

I have to go shopping for a few bits and bobs but I will do the same the again soon!

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