Friday, 3 January 2014

Recipe: savoury rice, aka 'sort of risotto': leftovers and frugal

Leftovers were ham, onion, baby corn, wine, dripping
The rest were storecupboard ingredients

Savoury rice/sort of risotto

Ingredients to make a very good single portion
some turkey dripping (or oil of some kind)
half a small onion, finely sliced
3 baby corn, chunked
1/4 yellow or red pepper (I used yellow)
2 chestnut mushrooms, sliced
Some cooked meat (I used ham but any would do), cubed
a squidge of garlic puree and same of chilli puree
a splash of white wine (optional but it * does * taste nice)
half a pork stock cube dissolved in about 300 mls water (I'd have used turkey stock but it all got used)
about 40 to 50g rice - two handfuls.  I used ordinary long grained rice but other kinds would be fine, just not pudding rice.
pepper (no salt because of the stock cube)
pinch dried mustard

Melt the dripping, add the onion, corn and pepper and saute, stirring at times, until softening.  Add the ham and the mushrooms and saute for a short time longer.
Add the garlic, mustard and chilli and stir in.
Add a good splash of white wine and sizzle for a minute, stirring well.
Add some of the pork stock with some black pepper, bring to a gentle boil, stir and leave for five minutes.  Then check, add more stock if needed, stir well and leave for another five minutes.
Repeat until the rice is just about cooked.  Taste and season, if needed.

I then leave it for several hours, for the flavours to develop.
Reheat to piping hot, add some grated cheese if wanted (I won't be) and enjoy.

You can use any meat (or pulses) and many other veg - just adjust the stock to match.  I used what I had and what needed using up.  Amd that's the end of the Christmas ham!!

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