Thursday, 2 January 2014

Recipe: banana pancakes: leftovers: fairly frugal

I made this for breakfast this morning.  I've made something similar before, with bacon and yoghurt, but I didn't have any bacon defrosted (intentionally) and I didn't fancy using the remains of the ham.  The banana, grapes and cream are leftovers.  The rest are storecupboard ingredients.  Without the bacon it was quite sweet but very nice for an occasional breakfast treat.

Banana pancakes

Ingredients to serve 1 (two small pancakes)
1 small/medium banana (I only had large and it was too much banana)
20g SR flour
40g milk
tiny pinch salt
a small lump of butter, just enough to grease the pan
6 or 7 grapes
a drizzle of maple syrup
a drizzle of cream (or yoghurt)

Put the pan on the heat to warm up - you need quite a hot pan.
Break off about 6cms of banana and place in a bowl.  Mash thoroughly with a fork.
Add 20g SR flour and mix very well/
Add 40g milk and a tiny pinch salt and beat to a batter.
Into the hot pan, put the butter and spread around so that the bottom of the pan is greased.
Pour in the batter in two lots.  Fry.  When browned on one side, turn over to brown the other side, plessing down with a fish slice to heat and cook the inside.

Serve on a warm plate with the remaining banana sliced over, six or seven grapes and topped with a dirzzle of maple syrup and a drizzle of ream.  Eat immediately.

If you do have bacon as well, fry the bacon to crisp first, then use the bacon fat to cook the pancakes.  Scrummy!

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