Sunday, 19 January 2014

A frugal day

My word, I am being so frugal and domesticated today

First of all, the turkey.  Being a full leg - drumstick and thigh - it has yielded loads and loads and loads of meat which more or less dropped off the bone.  Enough to keep me going for many days.  At the moment I am thinking of turkey in gravy with veg etc, the conventional way (with one or two of the ten yorkshires I am currently cooling with a view to popping in the freezer).  Then there's soup - nice, chunky, vegetable packed turkey soup, turkey curry, turkey pate, turkey pancakes, turkey pasta . . . and so on.

Then there's the stock.  The drumstick was too long to fit into the slow cooker so I dug out my strongest big knife and my tenderising hammer, lay the knife across the bone and whacked at it with the hammer until it had cut through.  It took a while but now not only does it fit in the slow cooker, it will also yield all the lovely tasty insides as well.  It's going to slowly simmer away for ages and ages.

As well as the stock there will be dripping.  You can do a lot with good turkey dripping and I intend to use it, not throw it out.  Not the healthiest thing in the world but fine in small amounts

All that for £4.50 and some effort.

I was musing on LBTL this year and thought I'd have a go at making pasta without egg.  Not so nice, I know, but let's face it, most cheaper pasta is egg-free and anything I can concoct is likely to be nicer than cheap pasta (says she, crossing her fingers).  So there's now a number of portions, coiled into helpings and in the freezer.  I shall have some this week for tea.

And last of all, I made some granola.  More about that in my next post.

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