Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Menu: 15-1-14

Sort of back and trying to plan again.  At least the last few days have been frugal which kind of makes up for the fact that I had food in the fridge that needed to go into the freezer if it didn't get used but I wasn't feeling up to it.  So it now needs chucking.  Ah, well!

B:  Toast with marmite, fruit
D:  The menu says roast turkey with cauliflower, carrots, roast potatoes and yorkshires followed by jelly and fruit, fresh fruit or yoghurt.  Yes, this is the school dinner and we get what the children get only a bit more of it!  I'm not sure how much of this feast I will want but that's what's on offer.
T:  Really not sure but it will probably involve bacon and egg.


  1. I hope you have not gone back to work too soon!! Anyway I'm sure you know what you are doing. Lunch sounds great not like our school dinners which were usually some brown sludge called stew with lumpy potatoes and cabbage boiled to destruction, followed by a bowl of frog spawn [tapioca] oh happy memories!!!!!

  2. It was delicious, Diane, although I didn't have an awful lot of it. Don't want repercussions this afternoon. :-)
    Yes, our school dinners really are very good.
    J x