Friday, 3 January 2014

Menu: 3-1-14

I've decided to start this again, just for myself really.  I'll label them as menu so if you're not interestered, just skip past!  I won't be at all offended, there's no reason why anyone else should be interested in what I'm planning to eat but, for me, the accountability seems to help and with a holiday at Center Parcs come the summer I really, really need to do something fast.

B:  2 slices toast with dripping, apple, coffee
L:  cream of tomato and lentil soup, 1 slice bread and butter, piece of fruit
D:  sort of ham 'risotto', sprouts.
I've always called it 'savoury rice' until someone pointed out that really it's a sort of risotto.  Risotto sounds posher than savoury rice, so there you go!  I'm making it right now and if it is nice I will post the recipe
Sn:  satsuma

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