Friday, 24 January 2014

Menu: 24-1-14

A nice one today!

B:  Jack's granola (I still love it and will be making some more over the weekend) with pineapple and yohgurt
D:  tomato and red pepper quiche with peas and chips (naughty!), followed by a raising oat cookie or yoghurt or fruit, depending on how I feel.
S:  turkey soup (still delicious)

Tomorrow will be interesting as I have grandson for the day.  I rather think I fancy making a pizza for him.  He likes pizza.  That means wandering in to Morrisons to see what they have in the 'scrap meat' pot.  That's all the offcuts of their cold meat that they sell at a reduced price.  Somethings it's a right mix, sometimes there's loads of ham or turkey.  It all just depends.
Must remember to wear my blinkers though!

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