Friday, 17 January 2014

Menu: 18-1-14

Yesterday's eating stayed put.  No up, no down.  Thank goodness!.
So here's today's plan.

B:  Bacon and banana pancakes with maple syrup
L:  Soup, glorious soup, banana bread
D:  chicken risotto (sort of), yoghurt

Hopefully no snacks (one can always hope).

During the week I got out what was left in a bag of value chicken thighs, defrosted them and roasted them.  I had some of the meat when I felt the old tum would cope and popped the rest in the slow cooker, together with the leftover bones, some herbs, a bit of pepper and some water, leaving it in there to slowly gloop away for ages.
I now have some lovely chicken stock and that's what I am using for the soup and for the risotto tonight.  And the house is smelling extremely flavoursome.

And I've started planning for LBTL again.  Yay!!  There's a while to go so plenty of time.

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