Monday, 16 September 2013

Store cupboard month

See the change of name?  It's been going so badly recently I need to straighten up and get back in control again. So here goes, hopefully for the rest of the month.

B:  bacon and tomatoes
L:  ham roll, more tomatoes, red pepper sticks, fruit,
D: ham pizza with lotsa veg on top

It's all store cupboard and beautifully frugal because:
The tomatoes are from the garden
The roll is from the freezer
The ham was given to me by mum and dad - some of the joint we had on Saturday - and needs using up fairly quickly
The pizza dough is from the freezer, as is the tomato sauce and grated cheese
The veg (onion, mushroom and pepper) are in the fridge
The fruit is in the fruit bowl
Photo from here and it's a recipe I might try sometime too.
Fingers crossed I can stick with it.

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