Saturday, 14 September 2013


. . . or 'what I made with zillions of tomatoes'.

All that's needed is a good glug of olive oil (not EVOO though) and your tomatoes.

Put both in a large pan and heat.  Cover and zizzle slowly (juice comes out so after a while it is simmering really) for a while.

Then push first through a mouli to get the big bits out and then through a fine mesh sieve to remove the remaining little seeds (it's surprising how many there are).

That's it.  I will season at point of using with whatever I want.  For now it's going into the freezer.  It looks and tastes great. Just tomato, home grown and flavoursome.

(with thanks to Diane for the info)


  1. Very glad it worked well for you

  2. It makes a 'thinner' (in texture, not taste) sauce which is good because I don't always want a thicker pasta sauce.
    I was tempted to make a tomato soup and maybe I will with some. Great for school lunch!