Saturday, 21 September 2013

Recipe: roasting a chicken in the slow cooker

There are loads of different ways but this is what I did.

Chop up a couple of onions and a carrot and throw it all into the slow cooker.  Add any seasonings you want plus a goodly glug of white wine.
Place the chicken, breast side down, in the slow cooker and put on the lid.
Cook for as long as you want!!  I have three settings, low, high and auto (which starts on high and then switches to low).  I cooked it overnight and it made the house smell absolutely wonderful but it was in too long - the chicken absolutely fell off the bone as soon as the knife touched it. delicious though and melt in the mouth texture.  I then boiled up the remains and got another nice lot of stock.

If you roast it for about six hours, I gather you can then take out the chicken, put it breast up in a roasting dish and slam it in a hot oven for about five to ten minutes to brown the skin.

I shall do it this way again - it works - and next time I shall try different seasonings.  I love lemon with chicken.

And later on, I am making a soup with the second stock.

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