Sunday, 22 September 2013

Not very storecupboard Sunday!

B:  Eggs in some shape or form, lots of them because I have loads and loads!
D:  Savoury mince pie, runner beans, carrots, fried potatoes.  Stewed plums, yoghurt or cream.
T:  Something else eggy.

I'm useless with pastry - always have been.  I don't know why: maybe it's my warm hands, my technique, I have no idea but I've never managed a really successful short pastry.  However, today I am going to have a go with Thermione, accepting that it might be a total waste of ingredients.  And just in case, I have a block of ready made, which won't be wasted because if, by any remote, chance, I don't use it, I will freeze it in singpe portions.

I have loadsa tomatoes so I'm thinking of making a BBQ sauce I found on Thermoblitz, one of the Thermomix pages on Facebook.  I'll let you know!

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