Monday, 16 September 2013


The cold and blustery weather has clicked the comfort food urge on so this morning I shivered my way out to the shed and removed from the freezer a chicken and a block of mince.  The chicken I shall slow roast in the slow cooker and I will make a big pot of savoury mince with lentils and loadsa veg.  I'll add my one ripe chilli to it for some zing too!

And then most of it gets frozen again!  :-)


  1. Mmmm, that sounds yummy, Joy - especially the chilli in with the mince! :)

    I'm also nominating you for the Liebster Award, which helps those with under 200 followers or likes to get some traffic to their blog - if you go to my blog you'll see all the details on how to take part in it, once I've posted them :)

  2. Never heard of that, Katy. I'll certainly pop over and read about it. :-)
    J x

  3. I've seen it now and, to be honest, I doubt I would want to put that pressure on my fellow bloggers. The questions you ask are lovely and I will answer them in my other blog, Diary of a Teacher, but to nominate eleven other bloggers - well, it kind of smacks of pyramid selling (please don't be offended, it is just my personal reaction, not a criticism) and I don't feel I can do that. However, it's made me think very hard about my motives for blogging which can only be a good thing. For that, I thank you very much.