Saturday, 30 August 2014

Omelette pizza

No, it's nothing like a pizza really and it's very simple and not fancy at all.  I was wondering how to do my tomatoes and eggs for breakfast and I did this.  No photo - the camera battery was dead!

If you use tomatoes from your garden it is pretty frugal.  If you use eggs that a lovely friend gave you, even more so!  If not, it is not dreadfully dear but not cheap either.  Nice for a treat at the weekend.

A small knob of butter
Ripe tomatoes, halved or quartered depending on the size.  i used about twelve cherry tomatoes from the garden
A little oil
Two eggs
Some feta, crumbled
Seasonings - I just used salt but you could use herbs too.

Melt the butter in a small, non stick pan, add the tomatoes and saute, then simmer as the juice is released, until they are soft and the released water has more or less evaporated.
Remove from the pan and keep hot.
Wipe the pan round with a damp cloth or some kitchen towel.
Add the oil and heat.
Break the eggs into a bowl, add some salt and whisk until nice and frothy.
Pour the egg into the pan and fry gently until most of the egg has set, then turn over to finish cooking (it is easy to turn by then).
Slide the omelette onto a warm plate, spread over the hot tomatoes, sprinkle with a little sea salt and then toss over the crumbled feta.
Eat straight away.  Scrummy!

Note:  if the tomatoes have tough skins, remove them first by pouring over boiling water, leaving them for a minute and then sliding off the skins.