Friday, 29 August 2014

Recipe: Courgette and lemon jam

You're going to be sick and tired of all these preserving entries, sorry.  However, I must post this one.

You can find it at ( scroll to the bottom) so I will just describe what I did.

Beth gave me a ginormous yellow courgette.  I weighed it and it was 2K in weight.  As I needed 1k for this recipe and it was hoooge, I decided to peel and seed it but the recipe doesn't say that.
I mixed it with the sugar (I used jam sugar because I had great doubts about courgette and pectin) and added the lemon and straight away it started smelling wonderful.  I left the marrow mix to macerate all day rather than overnight.

Before starting to cook it, I added one medium cooking apple, peeled, cored and chopped.  Again, for the pectin.

Apart from that I just followed the recipe without using the lemon verbena leaves because I didn't have any and, yes, it did need to boil for a while but it set beautifully and tastes - golden!  A bit like a gentle lemon marmalade really.

Definitely one to do again and as there was a bit that wouldn't fit into a jar (shame, that) I am having it on toast for breakfast and it's nice.  I would quite happily have more but I'm not going to!

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