Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Recipe: plum and apple sauce with allspice

Carrying on from the last entry, after making the plum jelly I had a load of soft pulp which I certainly wasn't going to throw away.

First of all I pushed it through a sieve to extract all the soft pulp and leave behing the skin (which then got binned)

Then I looked at my fruit supply and decided that some of the apples really should be used soon.  I cut off the bad bits, chopped the rest and stewed it in a little water until soft, then pushed that through a sieve too.

I mixed the plum and apple purees, added some jam sugar (more or less pound for pint, just a bit less that that) and also added some ground allspice and some lemon juice.

Then (and this is where I diverted from the usual method) I bunged it all in Thermione and set it to heat and boil on Varoma, reverse speed 3 until setting point was reached.

Otherwise I would have popped it into a suitable pan and done it the usual way!

It took a while to set and the texture is 'pulpy', not smooth, but it's lovely!

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