Thursday, 7 August 2014

Recipe: Thermomix lemon curd

I've posted this before but, having made some yesterday, I think it is well worth a re-posting.

90g sugar
90g butter
3 eggs
3 lemons, juice only

Grind the sugar until castor or icing sugar consistency.
Add the butter, cubed, the eggs and the lemon juice.  Zizz for a short while on 4 to 6.

Cook for four minutes, 90C, speed 3-4.

While it is cooking, prepare two jam jars and warm them in the oven or by pouring in boiling water.

Pour the curd into the hot, dry jars, cover (I use jam jar lids) and cool.  Keep in the fridge and use within three weeks.

These ingredients can be done the microwave way or in a bowl over boiling water instead.

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