Friday, 22 August 2014

Recipe: Thermomix white bread: frugal

Using ordinary bread flour with no clever additions it's better value and better tasting than anything you can buy.  I always use Thermione now and this is what I do.  Never known to fail (except when I forgot to add the yeast)!

Ever since the accidental third rising that resulted in such a good loaf, I have added another rising to my normal breadmaking but it doesn't seem to add all that much time to the process.  Once the dough gets going it really gets going.
Borrowed from Google.
Ingredients to make one larger loaf or two smaller loaves (or rolls).

500g strong white flour
1 slightly heaped tsp dried yeast (the kind that doesn't need starting off)
1 tsp salt
a dollop of butter or a sploosh of oil (around 20g of it)
315g warm water
(I sometimes also add 1 heaped tbsp dried milk powder - it makes a softer loaf)

Place the flour, yeast, salt, oil and water in the bowl in that order.  Give it a bit of a zizz to mix.

8 minutes/bread setting to knead the dough.  Longer if you like but there is a danger of overworking the dough.  I find 8 mins is just about right.

Leave the dough in in the bowl (lid and MC on) to rise.  When it has risen to about 2/3 of the way up the bowl, knead it for another minute to knock it all back.  Then carefully scrape down any dough that has stuck up the sides - there isn't usually any but just occasionally there is.

Leave in the bowl again to rise 2/3 of the way up the bowl.  With your fingers push the dough away from the sides of the bowl and then tip out onto a floured surface.  Knock back, shape and place in your loaf tin(s).

Switch on the oven (I start at 220C and turn down to 200C when the bread goes in).

Sprinkle flour over, cover with a cloth, some easy-leave wrap or similar, prove (until the top is level with the top of the tin) and bake.  Two small loaves take about half an hour but is not an exact science.  To check, remove the loaf from the tin and tap the bottom;  it should sound hollow.  If it doesn't, replace in the oven without the tin and give it/them another five minutes or so.

It is so, so easy and all you need is to be in the house.  I don't recommend going out and doing the shopping or anything.  I swear that dough KNOWS when you are not there and seizes the chance to escape!

Finally, just to say that I always use greasproof liners when I bake bread.  You can buy all sorts of shapes liners and there will be one just right for your tins.  Absolutely no risk of sticking and no need to wash the tin afterwards.

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