Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Recipe: Jack's creamy salmon pasta with a chilli lemon kick

I've just made this and cannot believe how delicious it is for such simple ingredients.

The lemon and the chilli really lift it into something that tingles the tastebuds and makes one wish that the (substantial) single portion was just that little bit more, even though one is full and satisfied - totally stuffed, in fact.

You can find the recipe here, on Jack's siteIt; also in The Book (page 144), just slightly modified.  I used lemon zest as well as the juice, as in the book, the chilli was chilli puree as that's what I had, I added a wee bit of garlic puree and, instead of yoghurt, I used some cream that really did need using up before I have to discard it.  I'm sure Jack would approve.

I will be making this again, without a doubt.  And n ot too far in the future either.  I wonder how it would work with chicken paste.

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