Monday, 7 April 2014

Creamy Curried Carrot soup

aka not a bad curry sauce.

Another soup.  Carrots, onion, celery, sweet potato and a left over jacket potato from yesterday.  Also some oil, two bay leaves, some mild curry powder, a vegetable stock pot thingy, some water and some cream and milk.

Roast all the vegetables in the oil in a medium oven until it's all going soft with roasty bits all over.  Add some curry powder and roast a little bit longer.  Remove the bay leaves.
Tip into a saucepan, add the stock and the water and simmer until really soft.  Then zizz, add cream and milk and zizz again until nice and smooth.
Reheat to just under boiling and serve.

What was good is that not only did it make a most delicious spicy soup, it will also make a good mild and gentle curry sauce for either more veg or chopped chicken or whatever.

So I am glad that there are four portions left for another days!

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