Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lamb pate

Not really a pate, more a meat paste made with the slow cooked lamb, but lamb paste doesn't sound right.

Friday's leg of lamb was huge so there was/is a lot of leftovers.  This is what I did with some of it.

Into a blender or mini chopped (depending on how much) put the lamb bits, some butter, some mayo, some redcurrent jelly and some mint (just a bit and it was out of a jar) and then zizz it all together to make a smooth paste.  The amounts are to taste.  I kept zizzing, tasting and adding until it was what I wanted.  I didn't add any salt or pepper and it was fine.  Perhaps some chilli might be tasty or whatever herbs/spices you think go with lamb.  I wouldn't recommend rosemary as it is very hard and might spoil the texture.

It was tasty with fresh bread and butter and I am putting the remains out for our toast this morning..

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