Sunday, 27 April 2014

Oat Biscuits: Living Below The Line

When I do LBTL I have budgeted for some digestives (value, of course) at a cost of 31p.  They're mostly for having with a smear of soft cheese and a dab of jam for afters and/or snacks.

Then I remembered that I created a recipe for oat biscuits a while ago so looked it up, then found one by googling and compared the two.  In essence they are very simple, although I will be making some frugal changes for LBTL, and I will have them instead of digestives.  At least with mine I will know what's in them, won't I?  That will be a saving of about 23p, huge when you only have a pound a day!  You see, the oats are already accounted for.

Here's the recipe I will use.

200g porridge oats
1 tsp salt
a grinding of black pepper
50 mls oil (in the original recipes this was either butter or EVOO)
a little boiling water

Put about 3/4 of the oats in a blender (I used Thermione, of course) with the salt and pepper and zizz them until they are fine oatmeal.
Pour into a bowl.
Add the remaining oats and the oil and mix well.
Pour in a little boiling water, enough to turn the oats into a kneadable dough.  Knead briefly.
Turn on the oven to about 160C (fan)
Turn the mixture out onto a lightly floured surface and gently roll until about 5 mm thick (or less if you want thinner crackers, it doesn't matter)
Cut into rounds or squares, whatever you fancy.
Place the oatcakes onto a prepared baking sheet (I used a teflon liner) and bake for around 15 mins until they are crisp and a little browned.
Cool on a wire rack and keep in an airproof container.

The dough rolls best when it is warm.  If it cools, just pop it in the microwave for ten seconds.
For a finer oatcake, you could zizz all the oats.
I'm just umming and ahing now about what they would taste like if I used some of the syrup from the tinned pineapple instead of water.  Thoughts?

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