Sunday, 6 April 2014

Crumble topping

Crumbles are wonderful, aren't they?  So down to earth, warming, packed with earthy, wholesome flavours and, of course very frugal - well, they can be when you use windfall apples from your, or a neighbour's, tree, blckberries picked in the country or fruit from your own garden.  I love plum crumble when the plums are brilliant value in the autumn and strawberry and rhubarb crumble - well, I reckon the angels are glad to have it when they get tired of their milk, honey and absrosia.  A flavour combination  made in heaven.

It's a bit miserable today with rain and some wind and, of course, it is dull, gloomy and overcast.  So I decided that a crumble with custard would be the perfect dessert.  As I have a guest, I decided not to do my usual 'chuck it all in and hope for the best' with the topping but look up a 'proper' recipe.

As I searched, I came across this - how to make perfect crumble.  The secret is, it seems, to make up the mixture as usual and then to sprinkle on some cold water and rake it over with a fork until it starts clumping.   The custard will, of course, be the Thermione version, fool proof and absolutely delicious!

So that's what I am trying.  Fingers crossed!

Will update later and might even remember to take a photo, you never know!

No photo, sorry, but it was very nice and I shall do it again.  I think I had the oven a little too low but it was still yum.  It came out quite different to my usual crumble but I liked it very much.

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