Monday, 7 March 2016

Top Tip: crusty bread.

Thank you, Google Images!
To get a better crust on your loaf of bread, just before popping it in the oven, gently brush water all over the dough and then shake over some flour.

Have a tray of boiling water in the bottom of the oven to create steam unless you are one of those lucky people who have a steam producing oven!

Have your oven very hot and as soon as the loaf is in, reduce the temperature to the correct heat.


  1. I didn't even know that they had steam producing ovens. This loaf looks scrummy. Mine never seem to rise as much as I would like. Perhaps it's because I bake a heavier loaf with a mix of wholemeal and white and lots of seeds.

  2. It is possible, yes, or perhaps you need to just give it longer. The reason I have stopped using my breadmaker is that it never listened to the dough! :-)
    J x