Sunday, 6 March 2016

The very expensive looking frugal loaf - update

It worked really quite well.  It was never going to taste like a 'proper' loaf as plain flour just doesn't have the gluten content necessary for the crumb and the 'chew'.

So, compared with a good sourdough loaf, the texture and crumb was as far as east is from the west!  Ditto compared to a loaf made with more expensive high protein bread flour.  The texture, I suppose, was rather closer to a soda bread but much 'softer' and less cakey.

However, on its own,without comparisons, it's a jolly nice loaf with a pleasant flavour.  It toasts really well, making deliciously crunchy toast for breakfast.

Looks OK, doesn't it, although you can see that the gluten strands didn't develop.  It is that shape because that's how I wanted it to be, hence the slashes down the loaf.

I know that 50/50 plain and strong flours makes a good loaf but I wonder how much I can reduce the strong flour and still have the gluten texture and crumb.  I shall have to experiment!  It is nice to have the time.


  1. It looks a lovely loaf of bread. I saw on your other post about storing flour in the freezer - I've never ever heard of that!

  2. Thanks, Rachel, It's OK actually and if I was very pushed for cash I'd be happy to eat that. I think a little strong flour would improve it though so I'll be giving it a go!
    Yes, you can freeze flour. It's a great trick if, like me, you get flour that is close to its date. The disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of space, of course!
    J x