Thursday, 17 March 2016

Honey oat biscuits

I love searching Google for recipes.  There are so many out there now!  This week I've made shortbread and gingernuts and was looking for something different when I found this very easy, very delicious, store cupboard recipe.

I followed the recipe almost exactly, just adding about half tsp ground ginger, so I won't reproduce it here.  Just click on the link.

It was easy to make in Thermione too.  Just melt the wet ingredients and the butter on 90, add the other ingredients and reverse mix on 2 or 3 until it all comes together.  If the mix is a bit soft, let it cool slightly and it will firm up.

It's always useful to have a repertoire of 'useful' and simple biscuit recipes that can be knocked up quickly and this one fits the bill exactly.
(it also makes the house smell great!)