Monday, 7 March 2016

More frugal bread - I'm on a mission!

Today I followed exactly the same recipe as the other day . . .
. . . only this time I used 180g value plain flour and 20g Aldi strong white flour, thus raising the price by 0.5p to no more than 16.5p.  I say 'no more than' because I have estimated a maximum of 10p for the salt, sugar, dried milk, yeast and oil.

I was amazed at the difference.  Suddenly there's bite to the bread, a chewy texture, as well as the flavour that I am convinced comes in part from the autolysis that I start the whole process off with.

Next time it will be 20% strong flour, but not for the next few days as I have loaves to deal with first.

Another handsome loaf . . .

. . . with a more relaxed crumb and a better chew.
(Apologies for the poor lighting.)

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